Orphadata Science, comprising the Orphanet Scientific Knowledge base and ontologies and the Orphanet nomenclature of rare diseases, is an  ELIXIR Core Data Resources and a Global Core Biodata Resource.

ELIXIR is an infrastructure that unites Europe’s leading life science organisations in managing and safeguarding the increasing volume of data being generated by publicly funded research. The ELIXIR Core Data Resources serve as a mark of the highest quality in infrastructure service provision and play a critical role in the long-term preservation of life science data.

The Global Biodata Coalition is a forum for research funders to better coordinate and share approaches for the efficient management and growth of biodata resources worldwide. The GBC aims to stabilise and ensure sustainable financial support for the global biodata infrastructure and has identified a set of Global Core Biodata Resources that are crucial for sustaining the broader biodata infrastructure.

All files are available under the  Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence

These products have been recognised as an  Elixir Core Data Resource and a  Global Core Biodata Resource

These products are an  IRDiRC Recognized Resources